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Vampire Bite Tattoos. Very realistic

Vampire Bite Tattoos.  Very realistic
Hollywood Quality. A truly 3 Dimensional look that is applied with one dimensional ease. Stays on for days; removes easily with alcohol.

This is a great product from Tinsley transfers. Christian Tinsley the makeup artist, has won several academy awards for his makeup.

Tinsley developed this method of makeup to quickly and realistically apply wounds, and effects on movie sets.

You don't have to be a makeup artist to apply this item. It is ever so easy, and goes on in seconds.

The picture of the package does not do them justice.  They are seriously believable, and will fool people all the time.

Stay on for days if desired.  Removes quickly with rubbing alcohol.

No messy makeup or hard work creating a realistic bite wound.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Robin
    I could not believe how easily they went on, yet how realistic they were
  • Author: Karen
    I was a bit unsure when I bought these, because they did not look too real to me in the picture. But they are amazing! The package picture does not make them justice.

    Once applied, the tattoo is not shiny (unlike others that glitter in white when the light hits them), and they look surprisingly real. Also, it does not form many wrinkles in your skin when you move your neck. One of my friends actually asked as soon as she saw me "Are you OK? You seem like you have been bitten". I had to explain to her that they were false!

    Instructions for applying included in the back of the package, but you know the drill: cut, remove the transparent film, apply to your skin, wet with sponge or wet cloth and wait 30 seconds. To remove you use rubbing alcohol.
  • Author: Chelsee
    I bought these vampire bite temporary tattoos for a costume party, hoping for a good turn out but not expecting too much. I was so pleased to see how great it looked when applied, and I got a ton of compliments-- I had my hair pulled back, so everyone noticed immediately and couldn't help but comment.
    Even after wearing it for over a day (I couldn't let such a fun thing go to waste!) it still looks really good, though a little dark around the edges of the tattoo- probably from absent minded scratching/touching and my hair brushing up against it.

    I would definitely recommend these, and I can't wait till I have an occasion to use the other three! As a tip, I put mine on vertically (it seemed to make the most sense, logically) and felt that it looked better than the ones done horizontally at the base of the neck- less twisting skin and such from head movement. You could also wear them on wrist, or pretty much anywhere.
  • Author: Ann
    This tattoo looks so real! it is comfortable and stayed on all night really well.
  • Author: Sarah
    The tattoo was by far the easiest application I had of my entire outfit and it was what got me the most compliments. They looked great and were an awesome touch. I would definitely recommend.
  • Author: William
    I was surprised that the bites looked so real! People were commenting on them all night! Great price & addition to my costume.
  • Author: Rob
    I used these for halloween and I got some many compliments from people asking me how I did it? They were so realistic looking. Perfect for any vampire victim costume. Super easy to apply and stayed on all nite and into the next day.
  • Author: Luci
    i was really shocked.. when they first got here, i was pissed. i thought i got ripped off. but i put it on tonight and they look soo real. i was freaked out lol.. ill send in a pic later
  • Author: Jan
    I wore these temporary tattoos as part of a Sookie Stackhouse (from HBO's TrueBlood)costume for Halloween, and I received so many compliments on them! They were very easy to apply and lasted all night, which the downside being they were kind of hard to remove the next day! So many people commented on how real they looked. Really completed the costume well!
  • Author: Anne
    These are way better than they look. The other reviewers were correct in that they look a little bit cheap in the package, but once you apply them onto your skin, they look really realistic. I put them on a few weeks early to test them, just in case I had to buy something different, and they look really cool. My sister freaked out and said they were really gross, which is probably a good thing. They're easy to put on and take off, and there's no gooey makeup to smear and get all over the place. Good buy, and totally worth it!
  • Author: Theresa
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM they are worth what you pay!
    When I first seen them they look kind of pink too pink but it looks real on you're skin and comfterble!
    Way better then fall lumpy prosthetic bites, they are just plain SEXY ASS VAMP BITES!!!
  • Author: Nini
    Bought these tattoos for my daughters "Twilight" themed birthday and EVERYONE loved them! They applied well and stayed on and looked very realistic! The best part is the pink around the puncture!