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Santa Wig, Beard & Mustache - Supreme Quality With a Separate Mustache.

Santa Wig, Beard & Mustache - Supreme Quality With a Separate Mustache.

Separate hand-made lace mustache gives the look and feel that some Santas prefer.


The mustache moves better when talking, since it is adhered to your top lip

Mustache must be applied with spirit gum.

The life of your mustache can be extended if you buy spirit gum remover to remove the old glue on the moustache after you remove the moustache.

Rental quality Kanekelon fibers.

Separate hand-made lace mustache, and backed beard.

Chin cup prevents movement. Washable, and re-stylable. Beard covers one's whole chest.

Fully washable. Lasts for years. Rental quality (re-stylable & washable). They will give many years of usage, and hold up to the rigors of Santa wearings.

The wigs are adjustable in size and are ventilated for comfort. This beard is fuller than most, and has a better backing on the back of the beard (to prevent the beard from spreading and blowing around.) The wig is also very full.

The mesh on the mustache will become invisible once you apply the spirit gum.

The mustache and the mesh are trimable and can be set with hairspray if desired.

You can style this set to make it look more realistic.

Simple to clean, maintain, brush, and set.

If you don't like the curls, simply brush them out.

Beard and wig can be restyled using hair spray.


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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Lou
    This is a really great way to get the realistic looking moustache. The beard moustache combo is easy to wear and moves with your mouth when you talk. Buy a couple of extra moustaches if you wear it a lot since you can wear the moustache out if you are a pro Santa like me.
  • Author: Stewart
    The stick on with spirit gum mustache really sells this beard. It makes the whole set look very realistic. I don't know why I used a crappy beard and wig for all those years, when could have been wearing this. There are a lot of cheaper beards out there, but you get what you pay for. This looks like the Mercedes of Santa beards.
  • Author: William
    When I received the beard and wig, I realized immediately what I received. I wasn't sure how nice the beard and wig would look online, but boy did they look nice on me when I put them on.
  • Author: Patrick Akes
    If you want a realistic looking Santa beard & mustache set, this is the one you want! My biggest pet peeve was that the children could not see Santa's mouth. In photos, Santa looked fake. Well, with this set, it is the most realistic without getting a custom set made. I would recommended this set to any non-real bearded Santa. Side note: Get an extra mustache. If you are not familiar or used to spirit gum, practice before your first outing.
    Merry Christmas
    - Santa Pat
  • Author: Scott
    This is a wonderful set well worth the money but make sure you buy extra mustaches.