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Santa Wig, Beard & Mustache - Straight with Yak Lace Mustache

Santa Wig, Beard & Mustache - Straight with Yak Lace Mustache

A great Yak Santa wig and beard set, without the curls

Perfect for Santas who are looking for a unique look!

This fine quality yak hair and extra full beard & wig set is easily restyled.


The mustache is a lace backed one that is full and very realistic.  

Attach the mustache using spirit gum.  

Clean the mustache with spirit gum remover for many years of wearings.

The wig is adjustable to size, and ventilated for comfort and ease of wearing.

The wig has a skin top insert for added realism.

This wig and beard set is extremely realistic.  

It is the next best thing to growing your own white beard


Note: This is how the set looks straight out of the bag.  

We did NO styling to this wig & beard at at all.  This is how it looks straight out of the bag.

Most people brush out the curls using a detangler spray from the drugstore. 

If you then brush and style the wig with hairspray, you can get it looking even nicer and more realistic!

Simple to clean, maintain, brush, and set.

If you don't like the curls, simply brush them out.

Beard and wig can be restyled using hair spray.


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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Santa Tommy
    The bead looks too straight in this picture. As soon as I got the beard, I used comb and some hair spray to make it more wavy and less straight. This way it looked a lot more like real hair that rarely looks that straight. What I do like about it is the length of the hair. It makes you think of a classic Santa Claus with a fuller more inviting beard. The color is spot on for me, and I get many compliments from other Santa "imposters and helpers".
  • Author: Jeremy
    I like how this looks different than all the other fake beards out there. This beard set makes me more confident and better able to entertain my guests without always wondering if my beard is on straight or if it looks right.