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FX Transfer Vampire Bites

FX Transfer Vampire Bites
Hollywood Film  Quality Effect.

A truly 3 Dimensional raised look that is applied with ease.

Includes two upper and two lower holes as shown.

Looks even more realistic that the Vampire Bite tattoos.

This is a great product from Tinsley transfers.  Christian Tinsley the makeup artist, has won several academy awards for his makeup.

Tinsley developed this method of makeup to quickly and realistically apply wounds, and effects on movie sets.

You don't have to be a makeup artist to apply this item. It is ever so easy, and goes on in seconds.

The picture of the package does not do them justice.  They are seriously believable, and will fool people all the time.

Stay on for days if desired.  Removes quickly with rubbing alcohol.

No messy makeup or hard work creating a realistic bite wound.

Shown on it's own, and with Ben Nye zesty mint stage blood for the "dripping and oozing" effect.  See link below for Ben Nye blood.

We only took pictures of the upper fang piece. You can either use the lower bite marks for a second wound, or use them as a 4 fang puncture (upper and lower set of teeth)..

  • Latex free.
  • Applies with water.
  • No need for glue.
  • More realistic than a latex or foam appliance.
  • Flexes with your skin for added realism.
Click on "Zoom" to see close up details.
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Andrew
    I could not believe my eyes. I have used latex prosthetics in the past. Prosthetics take some skill and time to apply. This FX transfer product goes on in under a minute, and looks way better. I know how I will be doing my bite marks in future.
  • Author: Toby
    Way better than the old fashioned methods. Looks real due to the 3 dimensional shape of the bites. Fools people every time.
  • Author: Jennifer
    I was not so sure that it would work as well as the pictures. I was wrong, they look even better in person. Way easy to use and look real.