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Planetsanta Deluxe Rimless Santa Glasses

Planetsanta Deluxe Rimless Santa Glasses

We were tired of the low-end junk "costume" Santa Glasses on the market, and wanted something that looked better, and was sturdier.

So... as always, Planetsanta made their own better version of Santa glasses.

These look like real glasses, have a quality feel, and have a unique style.

These glasses look like they belong on a professional Santa face.

They are made from a heavier grade of metal, and are the same quality level as better pairs of reading glasses.

The rimless style makes them much easier to look through.

The shape of the frame and adjustable nosepieces allow for a wide range of heads to wear them with comfort.

Our in-house Santa has a size 8 head and loves the way they fit.

These glasses are UV 400 ultraviolet protective.

These glasses are also perfect for Mrs. Claus as well.

Since we bought many thousands of pairs and got a good deal, we are selling them at a nice price.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Santa Charles
    Wow! great looking glasses. I like the look better than the typical style of Sana Claus glasses that you find. They are well worth the money, and are on ar with regular glasses.
  • Author: Peter
    These are really nice and a unique look that makes the whole Santa seem more real
  • Author: Lewis
    I really like this look. Really look like they belong on Santa's face. Nice quality too.
  • Author: Santa Will
    Look far better quality that the price.
  • Author: Susan
    i bought these for my husband. He hates all of the typical glasses that I buy for him. He is a professional Santa. These glasses look nicer than most. They lasted much longer that any others I have bought. He wears them every day for months on end, so he abuses them by sitting on them and having kids lean into them. i will buy them again for next year.
  • Author: Santa Pete
    They fit my big head.
  • Author: Santa Micheal
    i just found these. They look way more like real glasses.