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Ben Nye- Spirit Gum Remover

Ben Nye- Spirit Gum Remover

Spirit Gum Remover.

Used to clean up hair appliances (mustaches, beards, etc.) after using Spirit Gum to attach it.

This product allows you to re-use your appliances over and over again by using Spirit Gum Remover to clean off excess spirit gum to ensure it is clean and ready for your next usage.

It also gets rid of the sticky residue on your skin.


Here's the way to apply hairpieces and clean them up when using spirit gum.  

Practice lining up the placement of the hairpiece to your face before proceeding. 

1. Apply spirit gum to both the appliance AND your skin. 
2. IMPORTANT STEP. Let the spirit gum evaporate for a couple of minutes.
3. Tap on both the appliance and your skin with your finger. 
4. You will now feel the spirit gum getting "tacky". 
5. Apply appliance and press firmly all over the hair to ensure complete contact. 
6. After wearing, put spirit gum remover on a cotton ball and dab the cotton ball on the outside of the appliance. This will allow the remover to seep through to your skin. You cannot hurt good lace hairpieces this way, since the hair is knotted to the lace backing. 
7. SLOWLY peel the hairpiece off your skin. 
8. Clean your skin with spirit gum remover on a paper towel or better yet, a cloth. 
9. Lightly brush spirit gum remover to the back of the appliance. When you next wear the hairpiece, you don't want to glue on top of old glue. This could cause the hairpiece to fall off if you get a spirit gum buildup. 
10. After allowing the appliance to fully dry, store it in a box or envelope to keep it safe. 


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