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Classic Look Velvet Santa Suit With Real Metal Buttons

Classic Look Velvet Santa Suit With Real Metal Buttons

This is a unique look for Santa Claus that will make you stand out from the crowd.

This suit offers some of the special features that we typically offer in our $1,500 - $4,000 custom-made suits. 

This is a nice quality suit that is designed by us at Planetsanta.  It is unique and not available anywhere else.

We created this suit because we felt there was a need for a classic look Santa Suit at a reasonable price. 

Some people refer to this style of suit as a "Coca Cola Suit".


Upgraded features being carried over from previous year:

  • Coat with 4 - five inch wide belt loops to better keep your belt in line (versus the industry standard of 2 loops).

  • Elasticated inner cuff to prevent "gapping" and showing skin in between your coat and gloves (parade cuff).

  • The suit is fully lined with red satin for comfort and ease of putting on.

  • Excellent quality red velvet with luxurious white long hair trim and gold colored metal buttons down the front (instead of a zipper).  With heavier reinforced thread to hold the buttons on for 2016.

  • Unique shaped "Peter Pan" style long faux fur collar with satin underlay.

  • More fur (6 inches) on all trim edges than typical suits, to give a richer look.

  • Higher quality fur than found on most suits.

  • Pants with side pockets.

  • 12 inch zipper fly with a pant clasp at the top to allow for easier restroom breaks.

  • Oversized longer hat with large Pom-Pom.  

  • Santa hat that works with or without a wig.  Now with an improved elastic to fit a wider range of heads for 2016.

  • Naugahyde bound and backed belt with eyelets, and with a nicer quality heavy stamped decorative metal buckle.

  • Patterned for Santa sized men.

  • Nice weight suit that looks good without being overly heavy and hot.


Suit includes:  Hat, Jacket, Belt and Pants.

Does not include boot tops or boots. 

Most Santas add our Wide Top Santa Boots to complete the look.


Available in two sizes (Sized Specially for the larger Santa):

Large (19.5 inch neck, 46-56 inch chest, 52 inch belly).
Large also fits a 42-52 chest with a belly pad.

XL (21 inch neck, up to 62 inch chest, up to 62 inch belly). 

Please do not assume because you wear XXXL in street clothes, you need an XXXL in Santa sizing.  Santa sizing is different.

These measurements are tape measurement sizes, not clothing sizes.  
If in doubt, please measure yourself with a tape measure, and contact us on the phone at 1-866-691-4273.  
We are happy to help you select the correct size.


Note: Some pictures show the suit with our Wide Top Santa Boots, large deluxe bell, white gloves, Velvet vest, or other accessories (none of these are included).


Note: The pants zipper is a flat style zipper (no flap) and the zipper will show without a coat, however with the coat on, you will not see the zipper.  This saves $75-100  on the price of the suit and doesn't change the look of the suit.


Note: This suit is obviously not identical to our $4,000 suits (that have many more features, are custom tailored, individually patterned as "one-of-a-kind" suits, and use top of the line materials), but it is a phenomenal approximation for the money.


Note: Do not put this suit away wet, or you may get some color transfer (any wet red fabric can bleed).  If color transfers, clean with carpet cleaner immediately and the color will come right out.  Some Santas use Scotchguard if they are heavy sweaters.


The suit is out of stock until August 2017.
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Tom
    I had heard on one of the chat sites about this suit. Some people weren't sure about the level of suit it was. I can tell you that unless you are a highly paid Santa who needs a custom suit, this is a good option. You get far more than you pay for with this Santa suit. You can't beat the price for the quality. I would suggest it for middle level Santa's and even as a back up suit for the custom suit guys.
  • Author: Andy
    This is a really great suit. I was considering getting a new suit, and was not sure what to get. I thought I would take a chance on this suit, and i am glad i did. It looks like a suit that would cost almost twice the price. I love the brass buttons and the nice quality lining.
  • Author: Jon
    Planetsanta has always come out with great products. i have bought their boots and many accessories from them over the years. This suit is a nice quality one, and I would recommend it to anyone who is a serious Santa.
  • Author: Matty
    Great suit. I like the feel of the velvet. Not like some of the cheap ones that you can buy.
  • Author: Martin
    Great quality for the price. Priced lower than some of the generic suits on the market.
  • Author: Santa Howard
    It's a great suit for the price. I like the parade sleeves that I haven't seen on any other off the rack suits before. This is a step up from the normal off the rack suit.
  • Author: Santa John
    I like the wider fuller fur. I think it makes it look better. The stirrup pants are great, so you don't have to keep tucking your pants back in all day as you get up and down.

  • Author: Santa Bart
    I heard about this suit from the others at the Santa school I went to. Several of them raved about it, so i thought I would give it a try. I am so glad I listened to them. This is a nice different looking suit that helps you win better jobs. This suit definitely doesn't make you look like an imposter.
  • Author: SC
    I do charity and free appearances for good causes. I grow my beard all year long and then suffer through getting it bleached. After all that pain, do you think I would buy a junk Santa suit - no way! This is one of 3 suits I own. I like the different look for certain types of events. This suit helps you be the best Santa you can be. HO HO HO
  • Author: gene
    This suit was discussed a lot on Facebook. I heard a lot of good opinions so i thought I would check it out. I bought it during a sale, so i got a great deal. I hear they run out every year, so get one while you can.
  • Author: Lincoln
    Have recommended this suit to other Santas.
  • Author: Santa Chuck
    Great suit for the money. I had the previous version, but I wanted the zipper fly, so i now have this model as my primary. The old one is now my spare suit.
  • Author: Paul
    I like shopping at Planetsanta. They offer good service and actually listen when you tell them things. Every year they come out with a couple of new and improved items. This is one of them. It is vastly improved over the typical velvet suit you see for sale. If you have questions just call them., They actually answer the phone and help you with your questions.
  • Author: Clark
    If you are looking for a really good Santa Suit, get this one!